SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE, LONDON:  the indoor playhouse 

Shakespeare's Globe indoor playhouse model
Globe indoor playhouse architectural drawing Ronayne's model on the Globe website Globe indoor playhouse model detail

Shakespeare’s company did not only play in the ‘wooden O’, open to the weather. In winter months after 1608 they used an indoor theatre at Blackfriars, across the river in the City of London. Although the theatre has gone, the site can still be visited - Playhouse Yard, London EC4.

It was always intended that an indoor theatre should be part of the Globe complex. As long ago as 1974 John Ronayne had made a reconstruction model of a likely prototype, based on a 17th-century architectural drawing by an assistant of Inigo Jones. His model was featured on the Globe’s website raising funds for the fitting-out of the new playhouse, which opened in January 2014.